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Paver Services

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Island Blue Services is proud to be South Florida's preferred source for Brick Paver and Travertine Paver sealing and restoration

Concrete Brick Paver Sealing – Installs & Restorations

When it comes to living in Florida, sealing your brick, driveways, and walkways is extremely important due to the never ending exposure to the sun and tropical rainy weather. Without it, your walking areas could break down faster causing color fading, cracking, chipping, staining or other forms of damage.   We offer Paver sealing restoration and installation contractor services in the Orlando – Central Florida – Tampa Metro areas.

Fully Licensed & Insured Professionals – with ton’s of 5-Star Local References

At CFL Paver Sealing, we want to help you avoid those problems all-around your house by professionally protecting and restoring life to your brick driveways, deck, and walkway areas. Our process takes less than a few days, so we can get in and out before we impact your busy life.

Using only premium commercial-grade products and years of hands-on experience, we’ll make your areas look like new, protect them from further damage, and ensure your investment retains its value.

We offer sealing on the following areas:

• Brick Walkways
• Paver Driveways – Concrete too!
• Pool Decks
• Patio Areas
• Garden Paths
• Pool and Lanai Areas
• And More!

When CFL Paver Sealing seals your areas, you’ll be protected from mold and mildew, algae, efflorescence and fungus, and a host of weather-related issues. Not only that, but it will really bring your area back to life with vibrant color.

Premium Products, Premier Reliability

We only use products that are environmentally safe and premium quality, and we even let you choose between matte, satin or high gloss finish. We want your home and surrounding areas to look beautiful and last longer.

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Why should you seal your pavers?

Pavers are a beautiful addition to your home. Interlocking concrete, brick and Travertine Pavers bring a beauty to your home that a plain concrete pool deck or driveway cannot, and pavers enhance the homes curb appeal and value. However, pavers will get dirty and stained if not sealed. The sun fades the colors in the surface. Oil and fluids will seep into the pavers and can be very difficult to remove after time. The surface will stay wet longer and mildew and algae will grow and begin to stain the surface and grow between the joints. Sealing will minimize that so you dont get whats shown in the picture below.

Reasons for paver sealing


  • Sealing pavers blocks the surface porosity of the pavers so oil and dirt don’t penetrate as easily
  • Sealing stabilizes the sand, locking it in to minimize weed and algae growth in joints along with washouts and sinking
  • Sealing allows pavers to dry quickly to minimize mildew growth
  • Sealing enhances the colors in the pavers giving them the ‘wet look’ and a nice protective shine

Environmentally Friendly

Pro Paver Clean and Seal was one of the first companies in the Tampa Bay area to use an environmentally safe, non-solvent paver sealer. Unlike solvent based paver sealers, Seal n Lock has very low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) which are bad for the environment according to the EPA. This revolutionary paver sealer can also be used on the same day the pavers are cleaned. No more waiting days for the pavers to dry out. It is not a glossy surface that can cause milky white spots later on due to moisture trapped under the sealer. You can use your pool the next day and your driveway in 48 hours! It can also be applied over previously sealed pavers depending on how worn off the sealer is, (unless they are white and cloudy, then they need to be stripped-https://www.propaverseal.com/paver-stripping-restoration-travertine-brick-paver/.) You can read the Seal ‘N Lock story at Sealnlock.com.

How we transform your pavers:

  1. Evaluate the condition of your pavers and recommend any repairs that are needed. We do minor repairs but sometimes we need to refer you to someone if extensive repairs are needed. 
  2. Clean with high pressure water and a rotary surface cleaner for very deep cleaning, along with a broad spectrum fungicidal agent to kill any mildew or algae that is growing in the joints.
  3. Clean sand is washed into the paver joints to fill them to aproximately 1/8 to 1/4 inch below the chamfor edge. Sand is very important in the joints. It keeps them from shifting and is crucial to keeping your pavers level. It is not supposed to look like grout. See some of the pics in the gallery for why not.
  4. We vacuum any sand and dirt out of your pool since the process makes a mess and we like to leave you with a good impression, not a messy pool!
  5. Apply 2 coats of sealer to protect and beautify your pavers and stabilze the new sand. You’ll be able to walk on the pavers in 4 hours, move furniture back the next day and drive on them after 48 hours. (Travertine is 24 hours before walking.)

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