November 12, 2019


Is It Time for a Paver Repair Job?

There are at least four common indicators to know when it’s already time to call Island Blue Services LLC.

  • Cracks. Pavers can crack due to exposure to constant heavy loads or erosion of the base material. When you already see some pavers being cracked or damaged, you must act immediately since one or two cracked pavers can affect the pavers next to them.
  • Broken pavers. Small cracks in pavers can worsen and lead them to eventually break. If your pavers are already broken for whatever reason, we’ll perform quick replacement of the damaged pavers to avoid further issues.
  • Shifting/settling. If you’ve noticed that certain spots in your paver amenities show shifting or settling, it’s a definite red flag that you must address at once. No matter what the cause of such problem, our crews will ensure that the problem areas are properly repaired to bring their shape and look back to normal.
  • Worn seal coating. To protect your investment, your pavers must be seal coated. This process needs to be done, every few years to keep them looking their very best.

Professional Paver Repairs

Island Blue Services LLC, guarantees professional results on the paver repairs that we perform. Island Blue Services LLC. professionals, will ensure that your paver issues will be properly repaired or replaced to return the elegant look of your hardscape. Our personnel use the right tools when doing repair works, including rubber mallet, steel float, bolster, hammer, wooden float, and spirit level. We also use premium supplies such as polymeric sand and sealant to avoid similar paver problems. Additionally, our service crews follow the right repair procedures to guarantee positive results and avoid back jobs. But, most importantly, we usually recommend maintenance works such as joint-re-sanding and paver resealing, so there won’t be a need to perform major repairs.

Affordable Paver Repair Services

If you’re particularly concerned about the amount that you’ll have to shell out for your needed paver repairs, we offer probably among the lowest and most affordable rates for such specialized job. Not only do we have budget-friendly services, we also guarantee quality workmanship and the ability to work on all kinds of pavers — concrete, bricks, stone, or rubber. This means that you’ll have the professional service that you need no matter what your specific repair concerns may be.

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